Time for a new Bond 25… time for a change, let’s create it

[Reload – 9th sept 2018] – I’m writing tonight from France « reload », cause I tried this project before, in march 2015 with #MyBest007, waiting for the new episode « Spectre ». I won’t be unrespectful saying that offerring again the project to Sam Mendes (« Skyfall ») was not good idea… We would have needed a complete new way at this time… and we failed.

I say « we » cause now James Bond -like other great sagas like Star Wars, Superman, Indiana Jones, etc.- is kind of part of common culture. We grew up (my grandpa, my father, my sons) with this music, this character and this idea of a super spy that is capable of saving all dramatic situations. So WE are part of this, and WE could do something more interesting that just saying bad or wrong on each news published on that topic.

By the way reading to all news all over the press & web concerning « Bond 25 » (about Elba), and recent problems Bond’s producers are facing (with Boyle and Craig), I have decided to reload this project on the networks. Previous questions for « Spectre » are still available, but we can now add some new pieces… I mean I think it’s now a big urgency for all fans all over the world ! For instance :

  1. is Daniel Craig (picture) still the best to play Bond ?
  2. do you want a « new concept » if Daniel Craig would resign ? (black man, woman, gay, etc.)
  3. is the plot supposed to change everything in Bond’s story, or should it remain classic ?
  4. who to play the vilain ?
  5. who to play the James Bond girls ?
  6. other questions ?

So le’ts improve & enrich the idea with a proper material for 2018 and next years : a picture and a simple hashtag (#OurBond25) on social networks… « Our Bond » says and means that we (the fans, the new public) deserve something new and great for this 25th step of the saga. It is time now. I am convinced we could have together far better ideas and prove social writing is not such a silly project. Let’s do it !

(PS : I will improve later this post with other ideas from my own, cause I prefer to share the concept first, and to spread it quickly through the social networks. And then of course, I will share your ideas in the comments on a first level, and maybe write some new posts if necessary).

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