Pop Up Club n°22 – old but so modern China Crisis (tribute)

header china crisis v3One of my very best pop band ever in the 80’s was China Crisis, with Gary Daly and Eddie Lundon. A singular mix of soft touch, fine melody & brit pop served as a new romantic band. Their wikipedia bio says they had « moderated success » in the UK and western Europe. I disagree with this statement and see them with a real position as an « underground band » with some very popular successes. They took their place too in the music videos field in the 80’s with some really good ones produced.

For instance « Wishfull thinking » -their most known hit- was big part of that sound of the early eighties, with a very classy & classic video. In France, « King in a catholic style » was even more known because the music was used as jingles on a Christophe Dechavanne tv show during several years… « Black man ray » was famous too, but after that it is true that appreciating their style was not an easy game for a teenager ! But the effort is part of the price and pleasure.

The China Crisis’ drama was in a way to have lived… in the bad time lapse, a few years too soon ! Their electro style with soft touch and slight vocals would certainly have a real chance nowadays, as part of the electro pop bands. In the 80’s, they were not enough « new wave », not enough « brit pop » but surely stylish and very well executed. I point you one song « Seven sports for all » I didn’t select because it was very different from the real official edition : but it shows China Crisis as an experimental electro team with a real innovative approach for… 1981 !

Here are a short selection of 11 singles I like and what is viewable on Youtube. I also recommend you to hear at their most new recent single (« Everyone I know » 2013), closer to their beginnings. But there is no proper video…

I want thank here Gary and Eddie for having so much inspired my « romantic » years 😉 and my teenager thoughts & dreams. A touch of elegance, softness and poetry… in a world of so much violence and excess. Isn’t it enough after all ?


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