Could Pierce Brosnan reload… R.S ?

brosnan RSYou certainly remember of that great tv serie of the 80’s. And before that, just the music : a jazzy style played on a saxo, like in a good « cops and bad guys » movie, in the old school’s manner.

In France, it was broadcasted on the sunday afternoons, on the second channel. And then… the man. Here came Remington Steele, the second part of a private investigators team with a girl that… couldn’t develop the business alone ! Yes we were in the 80’s, and there was not the parity yet. The serie was a mix of crimes and humour, of style and fights. A kind of « Moonlighting » (another great serie with Bruce Willis) but in a more classical way.

Let’s see again the trailer to properly remind us the concept…

But then Reming… sorry actor Pierce Brosnan, got the good idea to become the next James Bond. To me, he was the perfect spy : a whole and entire carreer dedicated to that point of accomplishment.

A few years after, Pierce stopped the 007 game, after 4 films, to open the Craig era. And he got older. I know he’s playing in some action films again. I know he’s also involved in producing some movie in his former country : Ireland, through Irish Dream Time.

A darker Steele ?

brosnan RS 2So here is my idea : re-developping his first famous character of « RS ». And give it a new dimension. Not the funny one, if I may suggest. Not even what has been thought, if we read the Wikipedia note on the former reboot projects.

If we look towards recent characters like WallanderLuther or even Sherlock, they seem to be a little bit closer to the Pierce of nowadays, and most important, a little closer to people’s tastes for for clever and psycho investigations. So it could be something darker and serious like :

  • a former Irish migrant, that left his country to go to work in the USA when he was young
  • he made there a whole carreer of policeman… that turned bad
  • then he wanted to cut the whole story, left everything to « come back home »
  • he returned to the little village of its childhood, and there, the mayor took him for the wrong guy, a new private investigator who would have to settle there
  • he wouldn’t want it at first sight, but then he would return to his reflexes as a veteran
  • so there could start his new life and the new story

Of course, other points could be added to make that draft richer : a younger assistant to coach; some flashbacks to his US hidden past; and the capacity of depicting the british society in its deepest details and contradictions. Just like french director Claude Chabrol had made on the very acid character of « Inspector Lavardin » played by Jean Poiret.

If Pierce Brosnan could read that post in 2016… I really hope to share and talk with him !


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