Pop Up Club n°21 – this dancin’ summer 2015

header summer 2015 v2[Maj 21/09] – We often hear at songs… on the internet, on the radio or even in city shops. And we forget them. This pop selection here under is to prevent us from that loss. Especially in the retro funky, electro-pop & disco-like genres. I have explored a lot of web sites, playlists and my own fav’ on Youtube, to produce that selection.

Why just looking in the dance music ? First point is that this summer 2015 is supposed to be very dark & boring if we look at the news, from Europe to Middle-East & in fact everywhere… so what shall we do ? Maybe just to dance & listen to cool music. Is is supposed to make people happier… isn’t it ?

Second point is that I dislike a lot to hear at « common » summer dance music in clubs, on the beach or on the tv shows… they are often poor & main stream centric. I don’t judge these productions and their fans, but I prefer to look over the indie fields and producers.

Just notice that my best songs in that playlist could be from Parlez-vous anglais, Ekkah, Ben Browning without forgetting the « frenchies » like Paradis, Munk or Jupiter. Hope you will enjoy them ! And of course, as I always do in my contents, let me know if you have one song that could join that 20 titles list. Let’s improve that stuff !

You can visit my previous selections for summer 2014, and summer 2013 too. They’ve been made in the same approach.

[Maj 21/09] – So at last, summer 2015 has gone for good… Paris is under rain, fresh air & serious news topics. But here is a revamp of this previous post & playlist, that goes from 20 singles in july to… 66 now on the 21st of sept. on the end of summer ! So my question is : what electro songs did you hear at on these last months & weeks ? Which is your best one(s) ? My best « new ones » added on the end of august/sept. were for instance the softy Aeble, the very clubby Lany and most of all the cool groovy Louis La Roche.


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