Joy Division… a paradoxal anniversary in NME

joy divisionI have found a quite strange video on NME, which made me think about one of the most famous UK bands in the 80’s : Joy Division. The concept of that short video is to ask several UK rock bands of nowadays on how they see JD and its influence. They are all young people, in their 30th year, and so they… couldn’t have known the 80’s new & cold wave styles ! First big point.

But it is sad to me for two main reasons. First is that we’re celebrating on may 18th the 35th anniversary of Ian Curtis’ death, its leader. What could have been his career if he survived to himself… ? What style of music would he have played ? Electro ? Blues ? Classic music ? We can’t know that.

Second reason is that… I didn’t hear enough their songs when I was young and especially a kid (under 10). New wave & brit pop were more my cup of tea and recordings, than cold wave, electro or other underground styles I will discover later. I would have needed 5 or 10 years more around year 1980, in order to make these choices. To have my present ears and all their influences. What we can name « a culture ».

Good talk, but no link in music

I suppose that NME have thought a little bit around a table, before making its selection of artists. I don’t personnaly like the three bands quoted in the video : neither Django Django, nor Breachers and Eveything Everything… They have a rock style, ok. But it doesn’t talk to me, and especially in the way of being somewhere a kind of Joy Division’s legacy. A very strange choice in that case. I’ve heard at their last music videos for instance, which confirms to me that there’s no direct link in between them and JD’s sound.

Other point -to be honest- is that they speak very well of Joy Division and Curtis, with a good analysis and a deep vision ! Even more strange or honorable from them, to have learnt about this band from the past… The saw them as « a beat » to dance, « a drum sound » of a « punk band », « that gonna live for ever ».

What would I choosen instead, whom would I contact, if I was NME’s editor ? Maybe to ask the same question to some other people like Foals, Metronomy, Wild Beasts… who seem to be on a more thin line between crazyness, pop-rock, electro and a « cold » touch of voice. This last point (the voice) being to me the best signature of JD and Curtis. And one of the biggest loss for the evolution of brit music.


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