« To hear everything before I die », Paul & Robert said

wellerThe title of this post -and the sentence above- are something quite strong and subtil. Even stronger if I tell you they were said by famous brit song singer & writer Paul Weller. Sometimes more famous as the leader of The Jam and then of The Style Council in the 70’s and 80’s. A mix of punk, rock, pop and even soul.

For Weller, it is a sincere way to say that he was not enough aware when younger; that he was stupid and too proud. Not enough able to hear other sounds & styles than the one he was playing at the time in clubs and on the radio network.

Getting older, he is now more clever, and in need of other artistical influences & inputs. Great. Not only to produce his own new songs, but (as I understood in this video) just to learn and enjoy… the difference. In France, we would say : « not to die as a fool ».

As Palmer did before

Weller reminds meof … one other famous singer and British : Robert Palmer. The guy left us around 2003, dead by a heart attack in Paris… a  real loss. He was someone so smart, cool and open mind. In his best years, he always explained during interviews (I remember one for the french tv show « Les Enfants du Rock ») that, every year, he needed a total break, far from the business. He was going on an island (I think it was Jamaica or the Bahamas), just to hear the more LP, songs and sounds played all over the word, very far from his style.

A way to ear « the voice » of the world, and to improve his music. This method helped him, for instance, to sing among the New Wave artists in the 80’s, then to become a tough pop-rock star in the 90’s (even in mix genre with Duran-Duran members : here under), and sometimes to try reggae style or even a little jazz touch without being laughed at him. What kind of old singer he could have been now in 2015 ? I don’t know. Certainly something between pop, electro and cool mood.

But what I know is that this « method » can help Paul Weller to find other music roads than his previous focused ones. For god sakes, he’s still alive and has time to change some details, some approaches, to try new experiments. Hope so maybe to make him get back on the front scene, closer to electro-pop rock bands or other fashion materials designed to spread onto the social networks !


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