The day I met Jude Law… on train in France

jude lawIt was such a common day. I was going back home after a day at work on Paris on march 2012, and so went to Gare Montparnasse to take my tgv to Le Mans, where I live since 2006. It was funny because I’ve first seen him in a reflexion in a window, as he was coming in my back. He’s gone and took a seat at the end of the wagon, 1st class : Jude Law. Not a sosie, the real one.

His eyes apart, he was just like dozens of other guys there… a simple jeans and a white tee-shirt. He was moving with several kids (his own + others), certainly on the way to his parents’ house, that are living in France for a moment now… it is not a secret. His Wikipedia bio says they’re settled in the Maine-et-Loire. Law even declared he wants to finish his days in France ! (source Voici)

On this day of march 2012, I didn’t dare to disturb him, to even talk to him or taking a « stolen » picture from my seat. That was several years ago and it wasn’t yet that selfie madness… I didn’t try to talk to him too, for some quick questions or even… an interview ! I was journalist after all, and it was my job ! But I didn’t move and preferred to let him in peace, as I would have like too if I was him.

So we all went by train and 1 hour after, then came my stop at Le Mans station. Impossible to go any further. So I got up, went to wait for the door opening, just in front of Law. A quick look at him, reading a movie magazine, just a smile before leaving… final point.

What’s the only memory of this moment ? Almost nothing… just two tweets, and this one writen in french :

I want to say it now : I’m not gay. But if I were, Law would have certainly been my type of male. A kind of perfection between « coolitude » (as we say in France) and the typical male. A mix between « the good guy » and the stylish one. I don’t see other guys of that type, or maybe Cillian Murphy or Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Reading his bio on Wikipedia, I learn that the american magazine « People » gave him the special price of… « Sexiest Man Alive » ! It was in 2004, ten years ago.

I can say that today I do regret not having talk to him on that train journey. Because Law seems to be a kind of star that is natural, simple & friendly. Not the Big VIP that cheats with you and simulates.

So Jude, if you’ll pass by France on the next months, let me tell you that you’re welcome over Le Mans ! I would love to talk with you of your acting, and especially some rare fantastic movies where you were so good : like « Gattaca« , « The wisdom of crocodiles« , « eXistenz« , or even the funny comics style « Captain sky« .


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