Lol with the Guardian on tech videos… not convinced

ollie peart picYou really love all these sexy short videos in 2 or 3 minutes, with a lot of datas, ideas & trends moving quickly on the last electro pop hit ? It is the kind of stuff we call now « infographic videos » and we (experts) use quite a lot during training sessions in front of marketing teams or journalists under reconversion. It is a « genre » and some kind of big « new media » screen we love to analyse.

Here is The Guardian style for a little summary of our year 2014 in technologies & digital. Why did I choose that video ? Because it was proposed to me when clicking on the video section of the news site. It is short (2 minutes). And it is driven by Ollie Peart, under a video collection called « Please accept cookies« . And the less we could say is that… this material is really done for the web and the social networks.

header guardian video tech

A few explanations :

  • WAOUH EFFECT / the trend in YouTube generation is to produce Q&D (quick and dirty) video, with the less possible quality and not a lot of (special) effects. Deal done here ! But I think we could get a little bit better with just a few more good sources.
  • FUN SIDE / other key point is to offer humor inside it : I mean having fun with things that usually get us bored. Here, Ollie is good at work, even if his jokes are more open to english people. I mean not in the speaking, but in the context and references. I don’t think The Guardian only wants to speak to Brits… it would be a big mistake.
  • DISCO / good music is other component of success : and videos have to give us the will to dance or to feel like Conqueror of the Unknown. Here, Ollie (and the producers) are just making fun for themselves… or for a video joke on the corporate network, before week-end. Fail.

Making fun with tech is a difficult genre, especially on big medias & tv. In France, we had the « bad experience » of M. Poulpe on « Le Grand Journal » tv show…. But like Poulpe, it’s a little pity because Peart is a great video creator when… inspired. We can find on his own site quite a lot of funny & poetical videos, just like the micro-adventures. I would have liked to see such a video for a computer test or a tech event review… hope it will inspire the video editors at the Guardian.

Microadventure : The Source Of The Thames from Ollie Peart on Vimeo.

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