Not only Chappie : 3 other cool robots, in scifi shortfilms

chappieIt is not the purpose of Neill Blomkamp, but here is the fact : « Chappie » is not a so ugly robot. He’s got a cool & funny face, with its old style device and long thin ears ! A nice robot, it speaks to both adults (moved) and children (charmed): so this is potentially a double success! It’s probably also a way to humanize robotics, and put these machines to our scope of understanding.

But shortfilms showed that idea before, through different styles & stories. Common point : a poor robot that is hurt by some bad and indifferent humans, that is to say the opening to a certain social critic in our relation to technologies.

I’ve choosen these 3 shortfilms that perfectly show the capacity of imagination of screenwriters.

1/ « Story of R32 » : a nice robot that wants to help…

2/ « Blinky » : a smiling robot intended to help a family

3/ « I’m here » : a robot that experiences the feeling of love…

Do you know other shortfilms in this same approach? Please share the links here under in comments!


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