Next James Bond « Spectre » : let’s imagine our ideal 007 film

bond craig spectreGood point is that James Bond will be back… with « Spectre », his 24th adventure in movie theatres. We know that for a few months now, since december 2014. Bad point is that we will certainly have -in spite of the fact that the Daniel Craig serie is a little darker & tough- some classic visions of spy games and secret services war in the world. Why ? Simply because it is a major point through all the serie : giving fans the feeeling that you see something very different, even if it’s always… the same story !

So we know now the director (Sam Mendes), the cast (here under)… and we have received a first look and some highlights over footage scenes, especially in snow and mountain. But what if… we (the fans) could be able to propose to screen writer and director our own vision & some good ideas… ? What if… (let’s go crazy) the Bond Business could be a little bit more « web 2.0 » like an interactive game or a crowd-sourced project ? I can’t imagine Eon & Sony have never thought about that…

Why Bond’s producers should have had to propose this great idea ? Because the 007 network on social networks is nothing less than (on Twitter)… 300K fans on the main accounts, and dozens & dozens fans’ accounts. On Facebook, it is a 3,8 million fans page… and we just point here the « movie » pages, not the ones for books, games, clubs, and so on. In other words, that is a real fondation to work & imagine a crowd-sourced next story, closer to its community. Spectre could be this one, there is still enough time…

casting bond
How to help them play the more original way in « Spectre » ?


In a more precise proposal, what could be the biggest fan questions & wills to send ? For instance :

  1. the ideal & original fighting scene with 007 ?
  2. the ideal & original « man & woman » scene with 007 ?
  3. the ideal & original « destruction » scene (cars, planes, boats… others ?) with 007 ?
  4. the ideal & original song (who to sing that ?) for the film ?
  5. other topics ?

I propose on to the web social a common hashtag to share the ideas and comments : #MyBest007, and a picture header (here under). So we can always copy our stuff to the main official Bond Twitter accounts : @007 & @SonyPicturesUK for instance. Now let’s play !

header mybest007 bond


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