Sevdaliza, the new Sade of today (finally)

sevda 1I had always been very sad about the fact that Sade was not among us anymore… I mean the Sade that I used to love in the 80’s. The jazzy pop diva, also know as miss Sade Adu, have proposed to the world of listeners & fans some of the most famous soul singles of the decade : just like Smooth Operator, Your love is kingThe Sweetest taboo or Paradise… But after a so prolific carreer, she let us alone around the end of the 90’s (even after the « Soldier of love » return), without a proper successor or at least a copy. Until Sevdaliza.

This miracle did not appear in the U-K or in the USA. I have met this beauty lady on screen, in the Netherlands, where I passed a few days last spring. I was having pause in my hotel with my kids & wife, when local tv was playing her last music video : « Clear Air ». It was an immediate flash to me, and we loved this song at the first contact. I describe it as a urban jungle beat, in a nu soul approach. Music video was shot in the city, in a sober tribal style. Just perfect.

Sevdaliza has in common with Sade a special look & physical appearance. She is pretty but tall and with style, as dark as her eyes and hairs. In a time where « big boobs » & agressive ladies is a daily habit, such a classy girl like Sevdaliza is kind of a gift.

The second hit single was not my cup of tea… but what can I say about the third one ! A perfect strange way of giving funky & electro vibes. It is clear to me now : here is her music style. The kind of style that a Sade of nowadays could have followed. If she had produced that kind of sound, sure she would have kept the title of Queen of Soul…

The only problem with Sevdaliza is that… there are not a lot of her songs ! Just these official three ones (on Soundcloud too), and not a lot of remixes. It is pity and I hope french or british DJ will take time to evaluate her work at high level. If you want to enter her universe, it is not so easy too : there is no personal site yet (or just a Tumblr), and her strategy seems to go only through social networks, such as a Facebook page and a Twitter account.

I found 2 good remixes of her vocals, and what seems to be a previous work in dutch :


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