How high is a Chinaman ?

I remember that joke, that one of my british cousin told me when I was teenager : « How high is a Chinaman? ». A way of telling : « Hao H? », or « A? Ha? », etc. In fact in the 80’s we were joking all together about chinese people… They were far from us, with their door closed, their unknown society… We were the Masters of the Universe…

Today we’re feeling a different way. Chinamen bought american PC (from IBM). In France, they bought Marionnaud, the best known perfume seller. So, with a very quiet (!) approach, most of the medias are telling, in France, that « chinese capitalists are buying our economy », that « look at this chinaman : he’s your next boss! ». Newsmagazines, tv show, etc. are all telling the same things, giving the same fear to the whole nation.

Indeed, there’s a second « threat » above our heads, according to analysts : indian people, and their success in the IT industry… I’m wondering what English think about that? Do you have the same fears? Is our society declining in the same way in front of the Great Eastern Block?

I will propose another british joke : « How hide is a chinaman? »… Or even better : « How aïe! is a chinaman? »… ;-(

PS : this post was first published on 16th of march 2005, on « Frenchy », a blog I created in 2003.


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