The too massive french cuisine

I wrote a paper these last days, for a web sites review on cooking, the « grande cuisine », the « grands restaurants », etc. I gave a look to Jamie Oliver’s site, which assure myself that we have in France a big problem : the « grande cuisine » seems to be too « grande », with too much money and question of power (with showbiz, stars, press, politicians…).

We forgot to make a simple cooking, with good meal and wine, not always with loud prices, porcelaine and golden forks. I don’t know if Jamie has his own restaurant in London, or if he’s only a « tv & media chief » : here in France they are telling that point, in the way of laughing at this « young & fashion chief ». A way of telling he’s not serious, and English cuisine is not serious too.

But when I see a french typical chief like Marc Veyrat, and his very promotive site, it makes laugh too : this guy has built an empire, trying to build a total group, not far from a « world company » : with hotel, boutique, e-business… It was not a success, and Marc had to get back to his kitchen…

PS : this post was pusblished the very first time on « Frenchy », a blog I created in 2003 on I stopped it on this platform.

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